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Shah Pie – GondolaGo.com Founder

I was a teacher last 10 years ago in a government school and it was my first job after graduate at university. 2 years after that, I had decided to resign after I found that I’m not suit teaching in the classroom, wake up early in the morning and rush to the school everyday!!! At that time , I’m at 25 years of age  and start thinking of finding some jobs that I really loves to do it with my own choosing  time.

You know, back 8 years ago I am fooling myself thought  that I was making money online on the internet. But, I was wrong , all FAILS!!!

At one night , I was thinking alone while my wife and 3 children was sleeping on the floor with slim mattress , WHAT SHOULD I DO TO MAKE THEM MORE COMFORTABLE IN DAILY LIFE ,EAT GOOD FOOD , SLEEP IN THICK MATTRESS AND GOING HOLIDAY WHERE EVER PLACE THEY WANT TO GO? That late night thinking make me realize : Somehow , I should change the situation.

All I want is to make money online as I see other people making it extremely good and why couldn’t i?

Then I discovered what I was doing previously…Wrong!!!

‘They’ give me false hope that I don’t want you to face it after this. It is easy to falls into scams program when you in desperate situation.

“It took me a considerable amount of time and money to realize the promises being made to me were nothing but fake.”

After that I change my path and came across my new friend , Mike , that introduce me to the program that not promise any Richest asset of house and big car or bulk of dollars into your account  but it promise to give you legitimate and consistent income online afterwards IF only you can put some efforts to it. No hidden or false hope and bluffing stuff.

This incredible and promising program is called Wealthy Affiliate, and at that time I know it, It’s going to change my life in a BIG way!!!

Wealthy Affiliate – short preview…..

Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing community that teaches people how to build niche-specific websites and earn a regular online income from them.

Everything you need is included under one virtual roof at Wealthy Affiliate with step-by-step training, free websites, free web hosting, free Internet/affiliate marketing tools, free keyword tool and most importantly, 24/7 – 365 live support. Best of all, it’s completely free to get started.

Wealthy Affiliate is suitable for people with all levels of ability, but is most acclaimed for helping complete online newbies or those who have previously failed with their attempts to make money online.

Wealthy Affiliate can be used by anyone from anywhere in the world by PC, laptop, iPad or smartphone.

To date the creators and co-owners, Kyle and Carson, have helped 100,000’s of ordinary people to create legitimate and successful affiliate marketing businesses since the birth of Wealthy Affiliate’s back in 2005.

>>>> Click Here to see exactly how Wealthy Affiliate works!!! <<<<

>>> Click Here to see exactly how Wealthy Affiliate works!!! <<<<

This Is What You Can Expect When Joining Wealthy Affiliate:

The first things that I was able to do when my online business started to work was to brings my kids to go holiday to where ever they want to go. This might be a small picture for some but for me it was HUGE.

I was also able to quit my job and work full time from home. This gave us more quality family time and allowed me to provide a more comfortable life for my wife and 3 children.I’ve even been able to do something very important to me and that is to work out more and maintain a more healthier lifestyle.


“5 things I think you will love about Wealthy Affiliate”

#Kyle & Carson (the owners) are real, genuine and always available.

Both of them built this platform since 2005 and now help hundred thousand of people like me and you to make legitimate income with your own passion and interest.


#You get to build an online business at NO cost.

That’s the true Fact you should know. You will find out more when you join this community.

#The training will make you do this ONE very important thing…

After joining, the owners Kyle and Carson will teach you from A to Z how to turn your passion into 4 figures incomes that recurring maybe throughout your life!

#You are NEVER alone at Wealthy Affiliate.

We are truly community! If you don’t know anything, just ask, whole member will able to help you even from the owners itself.

#No stress and tension while you making money Infinitely and legitimately.

This is very important factor for most of us, while making money online, you’re not chasing by tension and stess thinking of your capital/money or time invest in online business work from home is useless or loss.



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Finally, creating a successful affiliate business at Wealthy Affiliate will allowed you to travel to Las Vegas and the rest of the world and visit places that would never have been possible if you still in your place right now.

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Create Your Own Goal Now!!!

Here are some personal goals that I have seen others mention at Wealthy Affiliate…

Clearing debt
Being able to pay bills on time
Earning extra cash for holidays and Christmas
Supplement a current income
Ease the financial pressure on a partner who works
Reduce the fear of losing a job
Top up income during retirement


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