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There are many ways to be successful as an affiliate, but this article lays out the process that i have found to be the most reliable and sustainable while still being very inexpensive.



A Guide to Cheap Web Hosting:

Web hosting is ‘the service providing space on the Internet for websites. When you make a website and want other people to see it, you will need to publish (or upload) it with a web hosting service.’ (midphase.com). It can be done as cheap or expensive as you like (even free if needed!), so a better way to look at the cost of a hosting plan is through it’s value for money.

From a paid website hosting service, you can expect it to include:

  •        A unique domain name
  •        Unlimited bandwidth
  •        Unlimited storage
  •        Ability to host multiple domain names
  •        > 99% uptime

In 2015, this should cost $5 / month, anything less is good value for money, anything more is not good value for money!

Common Problems with Cheap Web Hosting

Normally you don’t expect “top quality” when you hear something described as, cheap, the phrase “you get what you pay for” springs to mind.

But is that true of cheap web hosting?

In my experience there are some fantastic cheap web hosts which provide a far higher level of service than more expensive hosts which you would think would supply you with a premium product.

The fact is with web hosting, large public listed web hosting companies can afford to be cheap thanks to economies of scale plus the fact that they want you as a happy paying customer for many years so they can make their money back in a long life cycle of hosting customers. Hosting customers also may pay a small amount for their actual hosting plan but then buy many add-ons bringing the total value of the customer up.

So we have established Cheap doesn’t always mean bad in web hosting, but how do we know which are cheap because they are bad and which are cheap because they are a large corporation who can afford to let you signup cheaply?

  1. Look out for addon costs. Some low cost web hosts will get you to sign up as they are the cheapest then charge you for everything, and i mean everything, from email addresses, to technical support.
  2. Check renewal prices. Some web hosting providers might appear to be the cheapest when you signup, but when your account comes to renew in 12 months they may not be the cheapest.
  3. There’s no point saving $1/month choosing the cheapest hosting plan you can find, then having your website go down and costing you more money due to loss of sales. Make sure your host is reputable and has a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  4. Free domains. Most web hosts now give you a free domain name. Make sure your host includes a free domain otherwise they end up more expensive after you have purchased a domain name.

So which “Cheap Hosts” would you recommend?

We recommend eHost.com, ideahost, and iPage as the best low cost hosting solutions. They all fall into the category of large corporate organizations who can afford to offer their services cheaper thanks to economies of scales. These guys have the best reliability and features.

You must go through the process of developing and building your platform, which will be the basis for growing your audience and promoting products to them. 


Recommended Website Builder for your own site:


















WordPress – http://wordpress.org

GoDaddy – http://www.godaddy.com 

NameCheap – http://www.namecheap.com 

HostGator – http://www.hostgator.com 

BlueHost –http://www.bluehost.com

Elegant Themes – http://www.elegantthemes.com 

Woo Themes – http://www.woothemes.com

Studio Press – http://www.studiopress.com 

Theme Forrest – http://themeforest.net


Email Marketing.

Email marketing, also known as opt-in marketing, is likely the most stable and long-term revenue generating technique on the Internet. Email marketing is the collection of an email address and or other attributes (name, country,etc) in exchange for something. For example, someone may be willing to give you their email address and name in exchange for a course on “making money online”…or to sign-up to a newsletter with the hottest dating tips. Could be anything really!

In this day and age, consumers are inundated with marketing messages that work off of pure interruption. You watch your TV and then BAM…you are interrupted with commercials. You listen to the radio and you are getting the latest and greatest invention promoted to you. You open your newspaper, same thing.

Large companies can afford this method of marketing and can connect with millions of people with their big fat budgets. However, it is hard to measure the success of such campaigns, and you only have a single opportunity to make your impression felt!

Unlike traditional forms of advertising, email marketing gives you the ability to invest once to get the clients contact information, then gives you the ability to connect with this person again, and again, and again….potentially for a lifetime. Instead of paying for an ad over and over again, you only have to get the initial subscription and then you can contact the person for FREE!

You are likely to subscribe to many email marketing campaigns. For example, when you signed up to Wealthy Affiliate, did you join the offer for our free Internet Wealth Guide on our homepage?

Read More?

Most well known email marketing provider:

Aweber – http://www.aweber.com

GetResponse – http://www.getresponse.com

iContact – http://www.icontact.com